Spotlight: Nancy Aguirre Narez

Spotlight: Nancy Aguirre Narez
Every month, leaders are stepping up and working harder than ever to educate, grow their business, and most of all, inspire. It is because of people like them, that Crowd1 has become what it is today. This is a chance to get to know the people behind the success.

‍What is your background like?

I am a mother to a son and the eldest sister of 7 siblings. My mother died when I was very young. Before I joined Crowd1, I was working in Dubai, UAE. I returned to the Philippines without finishing my contract in Dubai. I worked as a sales lady for 5 years, with a very low salary, before I was introduced to multilevel marketing.

Choose a superpower, and why?

My superpower is my determination in life to rise above adversity. I must help my siblings because we don't have parents anymore.

What is the best gift you have given someone?
The gift I give to any person is the great opportunity of Crowd1. This business is the best. Follow the teachings of the mentors and coaches. Attend the zoom meetings daily and your dreams will be fulfilled.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the people God has used to bring this business to the people. Not only mine, but so many other lives have been changed by this business.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was young, I always wanted to be a teacher. My mother died when I was in Grade 1, and as we did not have a lot of money and we were farmers, I was unable to complete my education.

What has been going through your mind lately?
I was shocked and still can't believe that my life had changed in just under 2 years, since I became a member of Crowd1. I have been able to buy a house and a car as well as a condo unit. This all happened in the middle of the pandemic.

What do you work towards in your free time?

In my free time I go to church and pray in gratitude for the blessings God has given me and to all theCrowd1 members and our founder. When I’m not doing business presentations, I also use the time to donate to those less fortunate and the usual housework and laundry.

Our world is progressing and we are more online. With this in mind, how do you make real connections?
Everything today is online, and I need to be on top of what is happening otherwise I will be left behind. I use Facebook to promote my business, and I use Zoom for meetings. I am able to reach anyone, anywhere in the world.

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