Space Facts to be Passionaut About

Space Facts to be Passionaut About
With entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Richard Branson aiming towards space we can be sure that adventurers will keep on exploring the world beyond our planet. Read this blog post for some epic facts about space!

A NASA space probe has observed an intriguing steady hum deep in interstellar space. The faint, persistent humming is now proven to be a result of interstellar gas. This research will help scientists better understand how interstellar gas interacts with the solar wind, as well as how the protective bubble of the solar system's heliosphere interstellar atmosphere is shaped and modified by the environment.

Several bottles of wine that had been stored onboard the International Space Station have now been returned to Earth. The bottles were brought back down after drifting 273 miles above the Earth's surface for a year. They were part of an experiment to research the changes in plants inhabitats with limited gravity, light, and moisture.They have now been opened and consumed; for scientific purposes only.

99942 Apophis is an asteroid named after the Egyptian god of destruction. It was discovered in 2004 and has been classified as one of the most dangerous asteroids that could collide with Earth. Estimated to be about 335 meters across, Apophis made a flyby of Earth in March, and NASA’s scientists took the opportunity to use powerful radar observations to estimate its orbit more accurately. Their results enabled them to confidently rule out any impact risk in 2068 and long after.

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