How To Create Your Own NFT

How To Create Your Own NFT
Whether you are a creative person or not, once you’re in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency it’s tempting to explore it and try out even more exciting things within the area. An option to just investing in crypto and buying NFT’s is to actually take it further and make your own. Keep reading this article for the ultimate step by step guide on how to create your own NFT.

Step 1: Decide what type of NFT you want to make

As previously mentioned in our NFT article here, a lot of different things can be considered NFT’s. An NFT can be music, a painting, a video game collectible, a GIF or a photograph that you have taken. It can also be something written like for example a Tweet. What makes the asset special is their rarity and that unique quality is what you, as its creator, can shape after your likes.

Step 2: Choose a blockchain

Once you have designed your digital asset you need to pick which blockchain you want to sell it on. Your digital file needs to be minted into an NFT with the use of blockchain technology. For NFT’s, the most popular blockchain to use is Ethereum, but other blockchains such as Polkadot, Tezos and Cosmos can also be used.

Step 3: Set up a digital wallet

The next step is to set up a digital wallet in case you don’t already have one. In order to fund your investment you will need to have access to digital assets such as cryptocurrency. The top wallets include Metamask wallet, Coinbase wallet, Math wallet and Alphawallet.

After you have created your wallet, it’s time to buy cryptocurrency. The Ethereum blockchains currency Ether is accepted by most NFT platforms. In case you already own cryptocurrency in other places make sure to connect it to your new, digital wallet so you can use it when you’re selling and creating NFT’s.

Step 4: Select an NFT marketplace

When you have sorted out your wallet and your own cryptocurrency, it’s time to find a place to sell your unique NFT. There are specific marketplaces specialising in the selling of NFT’s, called NFT marketplaces. OpenSea is one of the most popular ones. Other marketplaces include Axie Marketplace, Larva labs/CryptoPunks, Nifty Gateway, Mintable and ThetaDrop. When you have chosen the marketplace that is best for your NFT, it’s time to connect it to your digital wallet. By doing this, you’re making sure that you can pay any necessary fees and obtain the proceeds from an eventual sale.

Step 5: Upload your file

Once all of the other steps have been completed, it’s finally time to “mint” the NFT. Your NFT marketplace of choice should have an easy to follow, step-by-step guide on how to proceed. By uploading your digital file (PNG, GIF, MP3 or other file) it will become a marketable NFT.

Step 6: Set up the sales process

The final step is to conclude what the sales process should look like. As a seller, you have three options when it comes to how you monetize your NFT.

You can:

- Sell it at a fixed price

- Set a timed auction

- Start an unlimited auction

After you have followed all of these steps, use your imagination and create whatever you'd like. There are barely any rules to follow so have fun with it!
Good luck!

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