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Around The Globe - Asia & Oceania
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Greetings from Asia & Oceania


In India, almost a quarter billion trees have been planted in an effort to conserve the environment. What is even more fascinating is the fact that the thousands of trees were all planted in a single day! India is one of the world’s countries which is affected by severely polluted air from vehicles and industries. Another proof of the project's success is the fact that the sapling survival rate of the last four major tree plantings in the Indian state Uttar Pradesh is 80%. As great rain forests and forest regions around the world are cleared of vegetation, efforts like this represent a tiny but significant step toward a cleaner planet.


Although spiders may not be the most popular living being on our planet, the eight-legged creature sure leaves us a lot to explore. The venom of the "FraserIsland (K'gari) funnel web spider" has been studied by a group of Australian scientists and their findings are surprising. The Hi1a protein found in the venom not only reduces the damage caused by a heart attack, but it also has the potential to lengthen the life of donor hearts for organ transplants. Many lives will be spared in the future as the study may result in new drugs and treatments.


We've all put on additional layers of clothing to keep warm, but how often do we do the same to keep cool? A Chinese company has developed a material that cools down and keeps your skin temperature 5 degrees lower. The shirt is made of a synthetic fibre that incorporates titanium dioxide particles to reflect NIR and polylactic acid, which absorbs body heat and ejects it as MIR through the garment to keep the user cool.

Sri Lanka

A group of workmen digging a well in a backyard in rural Sri Lanka may have made the find of their lives as they discovered a boulder containing a glimmering secret. It was a giant cluster of star sapphires, the rarest and most valuable type of sapphire in existence. This particular type of sapphire got its name from the star shape shown inside, a phenomenon known as asterism. The boulder, weighing close to 510 kilograms, has been nicknamed the Serendipity Sapphire. “It is a special star sapphire specimen, probably the biggest in the world. Given the size and its value, we think it will interest private collectors or museums,” Thilak Weerasinghe, the Chairman of the National Gem and Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka, told journalists.


40-year old Kyxz Mendiola is an inventor and car and drone enthusiast who strives to take his inventions to new heights, and this time he literally went even higher. He has designed and built his own plane, the Koncepto Milenya, which he flew for a distance greater than 2,5 kilometers, his initial objective. The achievement has yet to be formally acknowledged by the Guinness World Records, but the inventor's team has already submitted it for verification. “My message to the young generation is don’t let other people stop you from achieving your dreams,” said Mendiola.

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